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I know of one public art program in California. Is it for administrators or artists or both? What school is it, are there others?

-- Wendy Feuer (, November 20, 1997


Golden Gate University in San Francisco offers an M.A. in Arts Administration (possibly also a B.A.).

-- Judi Grunstra (, December 17, 1997.

The University of Southern California offers a Masters of Public Art Administration. Check them out at

-- Sherri Brueggemann (, January 31, 1998.

I am the administrator for the Hillsborough County Public Art Program and am collaborating with a high school art educator to plan and write a "mini" Public Art Awareness curriculum that will culminate in the creation of a tangible work of public art. You may phone, 813-276-2536 for details.

-- Jan Stein (, August 03, 1998.

There are several Public Art courses in the UK. I run a parttime course at Barnet College, University of Middlesex. Other course are at Chelsea School of Art, Glasgow School of Art, University of West England are the main three.

-- Andrew Crummy (, November 29, 1998.

There is a visual and public art program at cal state monterey bay

-- john elliott (, March 13, 2000.

The Broward County Cultural Affairs Division, Public Art and Design Program has conducted a Public Art and Design Certification Program for regional artists and is gearing up to repeat the program probibly in the 2001 calendar year. This Certification program is to cultivate and enhance the areas talent bank towards achieving fundimental success as entry level public artists. The program's early cycles have met with fundimental success, as several participants have moved on to secure competetive comissions through both our local, as well as other regional programs. In our experience, artists who have been familarized with the best practices in the field do become effective presenters of there capacity once they know the language. For further information about the Broward County Public Art and Design Program contact us by writing to the Public Art and Design Administrator, 100 South Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1829. Or telephone (954)357-7458. Or via WEB at

-- David A. Edgar (, June 13, 2000.

Here at the University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, we run programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels - Fine Art in Context BA, and Fine Art in Context MA/MFA. These programmes developed out of the ground-breaking Art and Social Context course originally set up at Dartington UK in the 1970's [refered to by Lucy Lippard as the only one of its kind in the world] where both David Harding [now head of Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art] and myself, Sally J Morgan, amongst others, originally taught. In a recent government inspection the MA Fine Art in Context was commended for its innovative approach and the high quality of its students' work. Both BA and MA courses are practical fine art courses that ecourage students to make work in public locations and to examine the theories appropriate to th

-- Sally J Morgan (, September 28, 2000.

toil toil toil. double double toil and trouble... A contribution, a decided attempt at retribution. A curse of the world for its own existence. A blessing on those with open minds. Another piece of garbage of the street, an interesting person you meet. Not some p.o.s. mass of elemental volume in some expressed contortion, or a degradation of form in cast bronze. Not set in a gallery, garden, or art designated space. An environment developed by chance or through intention but not from the glorification of the work but for its autonomy.

-- Andy Kozzer Adamson (, February 12, 2001.

I am an undergrad at NYU, and there are some excellent new courses in Public Art offered by my advisor, Prof. Terence Culver... I am majoring in the individualized major of public art at Gallatin, a schoool within NYU. In Terence's courses I had the opportunity to collaborate on a mural with students from IS 23 in Brooklyn, as well as on a digital projection which was exhibited for three nights on Houston St. in Manhattan... Both experiences were very enriching and educational...

-- Allison Kave (, March 28, 2001.

University of California at Monterey has a whole department dedicated to the revolutionary endeavor. I think there are programs offered for both artists and administrators... developing healthy relationships early on... buena sue

-- rebekah cantor (, April 12, 2001.

Link to ARC International -- The Art Renewal Center

The ARC is currently inputting hundreds of thousands of oversized high quality images of all the known works of the greatest painters and sculptors in history. These are cross referenced to the largest encyclopedic online art reference library of historical texts, essays, biographies and articles. And its growing every single day.

The ARC board of trustees includes Allan Banks (the President of the American Society of Classical Realism, Richard Whitney (President Am. Society of Portrait Artists), Vern Swanson (who will soon be presented by US Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah for nomination to US President George Bush as the new head of the US National Endowment for the Arts). The Chairman and founder is Fred Ross (Art Historian, published, lecture circuit, owns one of the largest collections of private 19th century art a growing collection of 20th and 21st century prominent and emerging painters, Virgil Elliot and others. the ARC site has already been adopted by colleges for student and professional research. Example: ART HISTORY RESOURCES ON THE WEB: The is an extremely varied organization and covers a multitude of related topics. GOAL: THE ARC AS A RECOGNIZED AND LICENSED GOVERNING EDUCATIONAL BODY Long term ARC projects include a major focus on qualifying as an governing body to develop consistent curriculum outlines and requirements for ateliers and academies and apprenticeship programs, leading to an accreditation process that will help students to qualify for government based educational financial aid, and for grants and scholarships from non-profit foundations. The ARC is dedicated to promotint scholarship and research into visual art history and artists of today and yesterday. ARC will make available to all interested, the best of the rich GoodArt archives of debates, controversy and dialogue that has spanned the last three years on the Internet. THE ARC PROMOTES COMPETITIONS AND SCHOLARSHIPS TO ENCOURAGE A RETURN TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OF ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT The ARC has already announced the reintroduction of the Salon.

The primary mission of the ARC is and will continue to be the support of art education and the creation of fine and enduring art. Therefore, to preserve the philosophical intent of our 2001 competition, the ARC has decided to dedicate our current efforts to a student visual arts scholarship competition. We believe that in this way, we will be lending our support to both aspiring artists struggling to afford to continue their studies, and to the ateliers, academies and studio schools that share our mission for the training of future artists in the realist tradition.

-- C Gottlieb (, April 23, 2001.

Bishop Burton College, in East Yorkshire,England, runs an undergraduate 'major-major' in Environmental Arts with Countryside Management. This programme is for those students wishing to become conversant with ecological function and at the same time explore art media, with the aim of using art processes to develop public environmental understanding,responsibility, and action. This course welcomes applicants from those with or without formal art training, and provides opportunity for both critical dialogue and practice, depending on the students particular interests. Bishop Burton College is set in 340 hectares of parkland, woodland, gardens and agricultural land which gives the programmes (full and part-time)their 'rural'identity. (But we don't just sit around willow weaving!!) Telephone me (Rosi Lister)on 01964 553000 or email me direct for more info. or a chat.

-- Rosi Lister (, January 05, 2002.

AN INTRODUCTION TO CLASSICAL TRAINING with Naturalist Painter and Portraitist Adrian Gottlieb Location: Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art 16924 Saticoy Street Van Nuys, California 91406 For Information Email: Or contact Adrian Gottlieb directly at:

Preface: These are introductory level courses designed to provide students with a taste of pragmatic training in the drawing and painting methods developed from the Renaissance through the 19th century techniques currently taught at ateliers and a academies such as the Florence Academy of Art and Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence Italy.

Current classes meet once a week for ten weeks. Future class offerings are in the design phase and will meet a minimum of three times a week, with the expectation that students pursuing the classical realist program will enroll in long-pose workshops.

In addition to sight-size drawing technique, the future curriculum will seek to expand current atelier training and will include full-time study of anatomy, analytical drawing, quick drawing, gesture, figure and portrait construction, color and light theory, perspective, composition and design, and materials preparation among others. Courses will be taught by a small team of working artists, each with extensive training and teaching experience in their area of expertise.

Registration for Winter Quarter 2004 is currently scheduled for Dec. 18th through Dec. 20th. Courses and waiting lists fill quickly.

Beginning: OCTOBER 11, 2003


The sight-size drawing technique was introduced during the Renaissance and perfected by the masters. The sight-size techniques taught today were full developed and taught by the late 18th and early 19th century. Introductory sight-size training includes cast drawing: drawing from fixed plaster casts of classical sculpture.

Cast drawing is a time-honored method for training the student to see, intellectualize and create an accurate realistic image.

The beginning student is given the opportunity to draw from life-like three-dimensional models. The beginning student need not struggle with inevitable movement of the live model, or color before they are ready.

Sight-size cast drawing is a vital tool for training the eye in preparation for drawing from the live model. Atelier students tend to focus on mastering cast drawing for at least a year.

Introduction to Figure Drawing - SATURDAYS: 10:00am - 1:00pm

This course introduces students to the sentence structure of how to see and build a human form. "Envelopes", lines of action, centerlines, volumes of the form, the use of cylinders and ellipses as well as proportions are discussed, demonstrated and practiced at length.


Value studies in paint, color theory, color mixing, hues, mixing gray, complementary colors, the color wheel, cool vs. warms.

Brush handling and paint mixing are introduced, discussed and practiced at length. The later is a good introduction for those interested in advanced classes covering paint grinding and the preparation of mediums and varnishes.

INSTRUCTOR RECOMMENDATION: Three or Five Hour Long-pose Workshop - SUNDAYS: 10:00am - 3:30pm

An uninstructed figure workshop offering three and four week long sustained poses. Students will have the opportunity to produce finished drawings, paintings or studies from the cast or the live model.

Long-poses are the core, the primary focus of this type of training.

-- Tanya (, October 19, 2003.

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