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I love my 1.8.7 S-Mart and it all works great except for the tax by state so I do not bother using that. I do have one question though...

I have edited my S-Mart version to be designed (looks) to my liking. I would like to have the newest version because I love the way the shipping method is being used. Is there any way that I can keep my older version, but add in the updated shipping method from the newer version. I have tried, but the code is a little different and I can not get it to work?

-- Scott Moore (, November 16, 1997


If the only part you custimzed for "look and feel" is the &print_item part (where it lists items searched for) then you should be able to cut and paste it in. If there are other places, you'll basically have to go through and "redo" those changes.

This is not ideal, obviously, but I haven't devised a easier (better) way of doing this yet. If anyone has any ideas on how to accomplish this, please let me know.

-- Barry Robison (, November 17, 1997.

Well, It's more than that...

Well, It's more than that. There were a LOT of bugs in it (syntax errors) and the whole look and feel of it is new. If you like, you can look at it at

-- Scott Moore (, November 17, 1997.

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