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I would like to ask you B&W lovers this question: Between these two great films, which one do you prefer and why?

-- Hasan Ali (, November 15, 1997


HP5+ First because it isn't made by the Yellow Peril. Second because it works well and I can push to 3200 for sports work in gyms & stadiums that are lit by half sized candles(or so it seems). Third, it is forgiving(just like TriX) but is a touch cleaner to work with & seems to be more consistent.

-- dan smith (, November 15, 1997.


Amen, Dan! I too have pushed HP-5+ to 3200 (with T-Max developer) and got better results than T-Max 3200! Have you tried HP-5+ in PMK? It's shockingly good. BTW, there's an excellent article on PMK in the current issue of Camera Arts Magazine.

-- Michael D Fraser (, November 26, 1997.

I shoot with a Mamiya 6. With HP5 220 I get a gray vertical line in some negatives that corresponds to some defect with a roller. I do not get that line with Tri X 220. I have been corresponding with Japan Mamiya to try to figure out why the line occurs with Ilford films. So far, no one seems to be able to figure it out.

-- Dudley Harris (, February 02, 1998.

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