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For Sale

Attention Boyds Bears collectors..Take advantage of this opportunity to own rare first edition items in time for the holidays! Please note that the prices listed are minimum offers accepted. We will entertain a lot bid also.

#items Stock # Description US $$ each 2 BC2227 Sebastians Prayer $95.00 2 BC-2003-03 Arthur w red scarf $140.00 3 BC-2050 Big Pig Little Pig-stamped (Canadian) with #2256 $140.00 2 BC2002 Neville the Bedtime Bear $130.00 2 BC2012 Christian by the Sea $120.00 2 BC2222 Wilson the Professor $100.00 3 BC2210 Homer on the Plate (Canadian) stamped #2218 $100.00 2 BC2253 Lefty on the Mound (Canadian) stamped #2056 $90.00 1 BC2812 Jingles and Son with wreath "2E" $50.00 1 BC2824 Florence the Kitchen Angel $45.00 --------------------------------------------------- We require cash prior to shipment, and will ship via overnite at your cost. Please contact us at our email address for further information

Sue Duncan apso@wport.com Happy Holidays!!!

-- Susan Duncan (apso @wport.com), November 15, 1997

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