Homeless in the city.

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Operation shopping cart (SFBG, November 12, 1997) provides another perspective on the Homeless in San Francisco. The SF Chronicle has had several stories by Ken Garcia about homeless in Gate Park, including a front page headline calling the homeless in the park Riff Raft.

What do you think?

-- richard (zpub@sirius.com), November 13, 1997


The City has been in denial about the Homeless for decades. If you don't want so many homeless, don't provide support for them. The only reason they come here is that they know that they can depend on a lot of guilty consciouses. There are homeless who need help true but there are a lot who just want to party. Give these people a choice, go cold turkey on whatever you're addicted on and you'll get help. Get tough on the homeless and you can start to help them.

-- steve (foo@bar.com), July 17, 1998.

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