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as we sat in front of that august moon , you said the clouds they look like angel wings, sometimes i wonder if you can read my mind, cause i was thinking the very same thing, when i`m with you all the stars shine through, my heart opens like a morning flower, you know i`d leave it all behind, cause my only peace of mind, is when i`m, here with you, so tell me your dreams, lay your head on my pillow, tell me the things that you hide away, your pain , your pleasure, you sorrow

-- daryl rae`s guy (), November 07, 1997


Darel my love

I was finally able to find this. I just love what you wrote. I really miss you. Did something happen to us??? Please contact me at least one more time to tell me what has happened. Please don't leave me like this. Hope to hear from you very soon. You are a very good poet by the way. Very romantic!! Rae

-- Rachel Radtke (mwccrr@coredcs.com), November 17, 1997.

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