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I just found a link that many frustrated Constructors, especially service people, will find interesting. it is a chance to have some input on escalator codes. Info on last link page at Elevator Johns (web ring member )homepage. the link is server dependant, but the AltaVista method is not, and should get you there. The rest is up to you !

-- John Shugren (, November 05, 1997


12/23/97 On my escalator page I put a link I just found with ASMEs reply to DOJ, I think ASME kinda overstates its wonderfulness in that letter; especially the part about their diverse(?) makeup and the consensus method.... sent that to their site E-mail a few min. ago...will be interesting to see what they say John Shugren

-- John Shugren (, December 22, 1997.

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