Fuji Neopan SS who uses?

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Have anyone here in this conferece that use Fuji Neopan SS ISO 100 35 mm film?

Any idea to use it at EI 400?

-- Mauricio M. Falcao (mmfalcao@convoy.com.br), October 31, 1997


Fuji Neopan SS and 400

I've recently switched from Kodak T-max to Fuji Neopan for all my b/w photography. I did that after test sessions where I shot both with Kodak and Fuji. I'm much more satisfied with Fuji, and I find it odd that nobody else on this Forum has ever mentioned anything similar.

I guess it's due to the fact that photographers are creatures of habit: they stick to certain products and labels.

Anyway, you didn't say in your message if you have tried Neopan yourself, or hust wanted to hear an opinion from someone who has, but I can warmly recommend Fuji's b/w films to anyone (and I'm probably gonna get flamed beyond recognition for saying this, by other memebrs of this forum). The grains are finer and the contrasts less "edgy". Very good, indeed.

Hmm... you asked about the possibility to push it to 400? Well, I haven't tried that, cause I mostly use the Neopan 400 directly, but I've pushed the 400 to 800 and 1600, without any problems, so I don't see why the SS wouldn't work.

Go for it!


-- ulisse (d92-upe@nada.kth.se), November 04, 1997.

Fuji Neopan SS and 400

I don't mean to sound US-centered here, but the main reason you won't find too many users of Neopan in the US is that Fuji doesn't really market it here.

The 400 film is available here, but I've never seen it marketed very aggressively. I've read in Japanese publications that Fuji does (did?) make a 100 (or 125) and an ISO 32 Neopan, but these aren't imported to the US.

-- anonymously answered, November 04, 1997

In Mixico is hard to find, but once you do, is incredible because of the latitud caracteristics of it. For my students i recomend it!!!

-- israel rammrez luna (israel@color.cad.uia.mx), April 06, 1999.

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