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No one ever chats in the rap room, I wonder which others suggested it. Well they did but when ever I visit there, there aint no body there. I just wanna know whats wrong with everyone.

-- Heavy Metal Rap Rulz (, October 29, 1997


Rap Room

What we need is someone to try to organize times for people to meet in the Rap Room. I think a lot of people are experiencing the same thing you are. People are going there we can tell by the counts on the page but everyone is going a different times.

Perhaps you would like to help get it going. Post a date and time on the bulletin board when you would like to meet other fans there and ask them to meet you there too. Make sure you specify what time zone this is for. You might say 10 pm Eastern or 6pm Pacific etc. Give it a shot. Hundreds are going there every month. Maybe we can get them there at the same time.

-- Webmaster (, October 29, 1997.

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