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It is rare in this business to see so much areement on anything. There are a lot of unhappy campers out here. I am as much of an anarchist as most good citizens and believe that the less government the better. Here however is an area that screams for attention. Perhaps the states should set, by statute, minimum standards for elevator maintenance. Good housekeeping should be a big item, when dust and "elevator wool" are everywere it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that it's a "paper hanging" job. If you are allowed 20 minutes a month for service you might have time to check the starter contacts, wipe the machine off and get a ticket signed or empty the pit can, maybe sweep the debris into a corner and get a ticket signed. If you miss several of these $50.00 a month beauties well thats 100% profit.

Comments Please Fred

-- Fred Baltes (, October 27, 1997


Well Fred, you and Roland really got a forum started now. Would like to see what I understand Canada has. I have heard, don't know if fact, but perhaps our Canadian friends can verify. Mechanics in Canada are required to be licensed. The government sets minimum hours for maintenance depending on type of unit serviced. Mechanic required to sign off on inspection. If injury or accident takes place mechanic as well as company is sued for damages. Sounds scary at first but have to believe it makes people more professional. The companys would always like to see regulation as it always raises prices. If you combine licensing with minumum hours you wouls see such a howl from BOMA and other landlord associations. The class A buildings get the service because they are willing to pay for it and can demand it. A down on its luck building is not going to put the money into any maintence as the economics don't justify it. An owner with a one elevator traction building faced with a 100K modernization is simply going to turn the elevator off and let them walk. The rents can't justify the mod and the tenants have nowhere else to go any different.

-- Mr. Anonymous (Hi Fred), October 27, 1997.

You are correct FRED......I think there should be a minimum number of units per man.In the area where im at 80 would be a nice number, from the distsnace you got to cover.The companies know this is goin on and they are not going to do nothin about it .There are some cities that mandate elevator service contracts.Then there are the smaller cities that dont do this.Does it make a difference? Does the service get done because of this?

-- anonymously answered, October 29, 1997

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