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I like everyone else, at this point, agrees the last contract went pretty good for labor. I am certainly against single member ratification of the contract for the simple reason that there is disagrrement on grey areas by proffesional lawyers all the way to the next contract. If you don't believe that point, look at all the greivances filed over the life of a contract, many having to do with sheer misunderstanding, one way or other over the present contract. I say let the contract be decided by the proffesionals and then let the membership decide, over a 5 year period, whether it was good or not. I am arguing for the single member vote on the election of all officers. Got a bad contract?, vote 'em out. Got a good contract? vote 'em in. Post your responses.

-- Rolland Harrison (, October 26, 1997


Agree. Unions are ( or should be ) the best existing example of democracy,i.e. majority rule. This type of rule also has one major problem: it only works RIGHT with an active and informed voting body apathy then, is the killer

-- John Shugren (, November 03, 1997.

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