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Does anybody out there know how to make the changes made to the 'units.cfg' file affect the game? Because I've made pretty cool modifications to it, but I just can't figure out how to play with the changes I made.


-- Jose Garcia (agent64@yournetconnect.com), October 25, 1997


Ok here's what I have found so far. By scanning the KKnD executable I was able to find a couple items. There is a reference to designating the .CFG file you wish to use with the -stats function. there is also a -noblack (no known effect) and -nocd (causes game to run as if the CD isn't in the drive). The stumper here is that the other 2 allow the game to run but -stats drops out as if generating an error. Unfortunately the game does not make a visible error report. If anyone can shed more light please do so. Thanks.

-- Ranger (ranger@naz.com), October 26, 1997.


-stats filename.cfg define modified .cfg only works in multiplayer;

-noblack clears map, never made it into the game;

-nocd has no effect on my PC, can play multiplayer without this switch.

-- Roke (roke@turvaja.ee), December 03, 1997.


You need to use the .cfg file with -stats switch and running a multiplayer game.

-- Roke

-- Roke (roke@turvaja.ee), December 03, 1997.

Extreme cheat

So I take it that there is no cheat for kknd extreme? I tried the unit editor but it doesnt work. Does work for kknd but not extreme.

-- John (thewagners@mhiconn.net), January 05, 1998.

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