I Need Wiring Diagrams for Elevator Electric Elevators

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I am getting some old elevator electric elevators on service and I need the wiring diagrams or some help on where I could get them. The type is 140c-r-22-16-D15. the elevator number is N44521c1.

-- G Culolias (), October 22, 1997


G Culolias

Your E-Mail address comes up as a foreward / The system won't accept a foreward / as a valid address.

-- Fred Baltes (DElman101@aol.com), October 27, 1997.

I can look if I know more about the elevators such as vintage, simplex, duplex, etc.

To research this by the numbers you provide would be rather difficult.

If you still need the prints contact me by private e-mail at

-- Vernon P. Keller (vpkeller@earthlink.net), November 10, 1997.

elevator electric elevators

can't help with prints but I do have some of the parts such as telephone and regular style relays used on those controls.

-- patrick a carrajat (patrick.partsman@MCI2000.com), November 26, 1997.

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