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What is a competetive salary for the following positions in a major metro area: Use fiqures for a Union Company Branch Manager:????? Service Sales Representative:???? Service Supervisor (w/o card): ?????

-- Jim Dervcer (, October 14, 1997


If you contact NAEC they did a survey last year and answered those questions and more. You can get a copy for a reasonable cost. To quote most metro areas you would still need to know approx dollar size in sales, peoplecount, unit count to better guestimate what you are looking for.

-- Rudy Boyance (, October 14, 1997.

Service Super in CT. Makes between $50 to $60,000. a year . I belive the manager makes $70,000. because he gets crazy about this time of the year when we pass him we just keep asking him about when they stop taking FICA out HA HA. We call it more money elevator company!

-- anonymously answered, October 14, 1997

Also known as CALLBACKS R US

-- anonymously answered, October 14, 1997

Are customers like us so much they call us daily

-- anonymously answered, October 14, 1997

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