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I know several of you out there have new jobs. I just switched companies myself. I'll still be living in Raleigh, but now I'll be working for Siemens Hearing Instruments as a sales rep. My current email will Cease to Exist later this week. I'll get back on board when the new account starts. See Ya!

-- Fred Price (, October 08, 1997



Congrats on the new job, Fred!

With the 'never-sit-still' nature of our group we really need a Real Life Announcements area for everyone to update everyone else. I'll set up a new Tent in the occasional planet CW Tent Village for folks to post this sort of stuff as people start migrating over there.

NOTE however that CommunityWare is still undergoing lots of fixing and refinement (those of you involved in software development know this as Production Beta. I'll post here when CommunityWare is ready for prime time.
Of course, if you're adventurous and lucky, feel free to join the group of about 12 Albatrossers hanging out there already.

-- Dale (, October 10, 1997.

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