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I am interested in the Boyd Bear collection. If anyone has any info on where to start, which ones to buy first or other valuable info, please e-mail me.

-- Tracie A. Bodnar (, October 07, 1997


Boyds Bears & Friends Connection

Check out the Boyds Bears & Friends Connection on Bears N' Buddies website. Alot of info on Boyds is there.

Boyds Bears & Friends Connection

-- Janet B. (, December 23, 1997.

boyd's bears

I'm just starting to collect them myself. I would also like to anything I can to help me get started.

I would like to know if I had to choose between a 1st edition piece or one that is being retired, which one would be the better buy. I would say, the retiring piece, but by doing that I may be losing out on my only chance to get a 1st edition.

Can someone tell me what the best way to go is?

-- mary bateman (, January 19, 1998.

Visit Davoll's General Store at

Visit Davoll's General Store at

-- Beverly M. Glennon (, October 06, 1998.

I do not collect but my best friend does and she ONLY buys 1Es. Which are very hard to find!! I found her some christmas ones I thought she would want but she did not want music boxes or candle holders or picture frames so now I have some 1Es to sell if you are interested.

-- Connie Bowling (, July 06, 1998.

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