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Hello! I am a brazilian girl and I need help to solve some problems with SQLServer.

I have an image on a buffer and a pointer to it. I would like to save this image on a SQLServer field with Visual Basic. The fact, is that I don't want to keep this pointer in the field. I want to save "the image" itself. Would you please, help me sending some examples of how I could solve this problem?

I would be very grateful.

Thank you very much.


-- Anonymous, October 06, 1997


Re: Image manipulation


I think you have to use an SQL_LONGVARBINARY data type and use an ODBC interface to your SQL Server (rather than VBSQL). It seems that the SQL_LONGVARBINARY type is new for SQL Server 6.X, that is I don't think this datatype exists for SQL Server 4.21a.

Hope this helps,

Eric Kohnen Client Registry Database Manager Washington State Dept. of Social & Health Services, Research & Data Analysis Olympia, WA USA

-- Anonymous, October 07, 1997

Re: Visual Basic, SQLServer6.5, Image


I think you need to use ODBC to call SQLPutData.

I will email you a couple of articles from SQL Server Books Online which include a C language example. The titles of the articles are "SQLPutData (Extension Level 1, ODBC 1.0)" and "Data-at-Execution Parameter Limitations".


-- Anonymous, October 08, 1997

Visual Basic, SQLServer6.5, Image

Dear Eric,

I am very grateful for receving your answer. But the answer you gave me was not exactly what I needed. I know that SQLServer 6.5 has an image data field. The problem is how to save this image into this field with VB.

Would you still help me?

Thank you very much.


-- Anonymous, October 08, 1997

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-- Anonymous, January 26, 2000

u may used the on saving the image on your database. using this u can save picture as image on database.

-- Anonymous, July 26, 2002

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