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Ok, Ya'll,
I know everyone hasn't migrated over to the new occasional planet yet, which is really no big deal, but that doesn't mean things here have to die out.

Please continue and feel free to post under this message any problems you're having getting into the new occasional planet site. So far Dawn can't get in at all and Jennifer is a little disoriented. Other than that, Joanne (kemp), Studders (jstud), Henry (Luckless Pedestrian), Floyd (Floyd Wells), Tommy (tjoseph), Carol (carolann), Claire (Claire Armstrong), Freddy's Jones (freddyj) and Price (Fred Price), and a few newcomers from cyberspace, are hanging out and seeding the discussion threads.

You really should come by and join in the virtual Zoom Zorch game - quite cosmic and funny.

-- Dale (, October 02, 1997

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