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I was there.

The incident happened at a party thrown for White House press , to which local press is invited, at the end of Clinton's three-week vacation in Martha's Vineyard.

Clinton was in high spirits, and a member of the band reached out and put his wig on the Presidential dome. He went along with the joke, and it was he who said "if this picture gets out there will never be another press party". It was said in all good humor.

However, it was a party for the press, to which we were invited like normal human beings, not to work, but to play.

The guide lines for such events has always been that they are "off the record". This is so that the President and the press can have a good time without having to worry about scooping each other.

Can't we be allowed to take a break ?

Or have we become so self-important that the only guidelines in life are set by our profession ?

-- dirck halstead (, September 28, 1997

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