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> > Robert Spencer writes: > > The Daily News has an interesting item about Clinton donning an Afro > wig at a press party last week in Martha's Vineyard. Flashes went off and > now there is concern that this potentially embarressing picture will run > somewhere. Washington Post reporter Al Kamen calls it "arguably the most > undignified picture in the history of the presidency, worse than Nixon and > Elvis or even George Bush's tummy turbulence in Tokyo." The report says that > the press was supposed to be off-duty. Kamen says that political chief Doug > Sosnick has warned that there'll be no more press parties if the photo > leaks. The whole piece can be accessed at and then going > to the link to Daily Dish. > . > It would be interesting to hear from someone who was there. > Dirck Halstead wrote: > ------------------------------ > I was there.

> The guide lines for such events has always been that they are "off the > record". This is so that the President and the press can have a good time > without having to worry about scooping each other. > > Can't we be allowed to take a break ? > > Or have we become so self-important that the only guidelines in life are > set by our profession ?

I think what Dirck is expressing is the difference between human and subhuman.

There was another post expressing the idea that news photogprahers are never off duty, nor is the news. True, perhaps, but not effectual.

Hope you had a great time, Dirck.

-- Sincerely,

Peter A.

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From: "Fred Yates" Organization: Laramie County Community College To: dirck.halstead@PRESSROOM.COM Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 15:52:11 GMT-6 MIME-Version: 1.0 Subject: Re: Clinton and the wig Reply-to: Priority: normal

Dirck: I've been lucky enough to make pictures for the last 20 years in Wyoming. I spent 13 years shooting for our Capitol City daily here in Cheyenne, Wyoming and I appreciate your comments on Clinton and the wig. Wyoming has been called a small town with one very long main street and I always found that you had to ride a line with politicians. A old family friend, Al Simpson, got in trouble a few years ago when some photos surfaced of him playing an African American character in a skit with his face painted black. Well, I know Simpson is a lot of things, but he is not racist. The photo was from a party in his hometown of Cody. I think it was during the Anita Hill hearings and the state media ran with it. My Mom grew up with Al Simpson and she was his babysitter. Al and his brother Pete were rascals and kept tying up other babysitters on the porch while playing Cowboys & Indians. So, I knew he was jsut kidding around when he did that play. You bring up an interesting point and I'm sure you'll get a lot of response from people who say "we are never off work." Take care--keep up the great photojournalism... Fred Yates Freelance Cheyenne, WY

-- dirck halstead (, September 28, 1997


How would the public react to a pic of Jesse Jackson wearing a Clinton mask?

-- Peter K. Connolly (, September 29, 1997.

What was an Afro Wig doing at Martha's Vineyard in the first place?

-- Lattus McNeely (, June 08, 1999.

If the unwritten rule is both groups are playing off the record then by all means respect that. Part of the media problem today is the lack of respect given to the human race, "cuzz the public just wants to know man," isn't a good enough reason.

On a side note... I'd like to see Clinton, or for that matter any major country leader lighten up for a moment and have some fun. Still love Ronnie's outlawing of Russia on a radio broadcast...funniest thing I'd heard in a long time.

Additionally, maybe some people just take themselves to seriously for humor to play a part in their daily lives.

-- Eric Myers (, May 13, 2000.

People need to realize Clinton is a typical southern white boy with the racist mentality. This is not the first time he has parodied a "colored man". The press, both local and national, has protected him from the get-go. Civil rights legislation did not even pass until after Clinton left Arkansas for the Presidency. Like Charles Barkley said, "We've been had".

-- J R Kelly (, October 18, 2002.

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