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I just purchased a few rolls of Agfapan APX 400 film. (Mostly because it was on sale at about 30% less than T-Max 400.) I've never used this particular film before. Does anyone have any specific suggestions about developers, times, pushability, etc?

-- Tony Doucet (, September 23, 1997


I have used Tetenal ultrafine for 100 and 25 that worked fine for me, it should work for 400 as well. its a very finegrained film with nice tones I would like a little more contrast. but the detailes in shadow and light areas are so fine, that I put up with it. With ultrafine, you can not push nor pull. Try it. The times recomended is all right.

-- Steen Djervad (, September 24, 1997.

APX films (was Re: Developing APX400)

I recently shot some APX 25, 100 and 400. I processed in dilute Xtol.

APX400 impressed me as being a very decent film; sharp, finer grain than Tri-X but not not as good as TMax400 in either department, and not as good as HP5+ in terms of grain.

APX100 is a nice medium speed film, probably better than Plus-X in grain, sharpness and tonality, but not close to TMax100.

APX25, ahh, talk about the classic fine-grain look, albeit with a pronounced shoulder that flattens highlight contrast. I usually prefer a straight-line look but APX25 can be pretty cool when used on skin in hard light - have a look at for 'Velvet', shot on APX25 135 for an example.

Dana K6JQ Dana@Source.Net

-- Dana Myers (Dana@Source.Net), September 27, 1997.

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