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The building manager of my building asked if the year 2000 date going to cause problems with the elevator controllers. They are Swift 5000, there is five groups in the building and I monitor them using CEC remon program. I don't think there is going to be a problem, but would like some feedback on this.

Work Safe Randy

-- Randy Fortwengler (, September 22, 1997


I have asked some companies about this (Otis, Dover, Schindler) and have been told the only problem could be monitoring systems (ie. mounted in the loby displaying elevator position) that track the calendar date. Most elevator conrol systems do not keep track of the year as they have no need to. I don't know about Swift in particular, though.

I not that many "experts" have sprung up around this year 2000 issue, offering to investigate and solve computer problems for huge hourly fees. Perhaps we're crazy to give this information away for free.

-- Andy (, September 25, 1997.


I have been working on swift controller's for over 10 years. The controller cpu doesn't use date for any thing. But the remon (Remote Monitoring System) or Owner Interaction, Emmis is actually a personal computer plugged into the group controller it can control locking out floor's both car and hall by date. The fix for this would be the same as your computer at home. You must purchase a BIOS chip for the mother board of the P.C. itself and install it. I wouldn't worry about it just yet! Good luck any thing else i can help you with email me. BOB Local#1 I.U.E.C.

-- BOB HIGDON (ROB625), October 06, 1997.

Y2000 Test Programs for PCs

There is a good test program for testing PCs for Y2000 compliance. It can be downloaded from

Good Luck!

-- Ray Griffin (, June 22, 1998.

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