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hewo everybody!

waz shaking??? hey, iz it just me er does no one post anything'ere anymore? ah well, if it's just me..i'm StUpId sorry, and if it's not just me, WHAT THE HELL R YA'LL D0ING?!?!?! god knows everybody's dissapointed about princess Diana (actually i don't give a shit) but we all have to recover! it's not the end of the world!!! n-e-wayz, avery what the fuck iz happening with u? did ya go somewherre and fergot to tell us er sumthin? i haven't heard from ya in a thousand years!!!! POST SOMETHING! i'm dying to here from everybody!!! how wuz ya'll first dayz of schewl? mine wuz shitty (as usual!) ...but we all HAVE to start someday! hehe, :) but it'z been a week now that i've been in schewl, and i'm ALREADY anxius fer next summer! coz MAYBE i'm gonna go to Europe!! maybe!?!?! i dunno, i hope so! it would be sooo kewl!!! er maybe i should go somewhere else? hey who wants me to come and visite them? i'll gladly go!!! :) hehe, n-e-hoo, i'm getting really sick and tired of NOBODY posting nuthin, so POST POST POST!!

gotta go,



-- (brat( (...), September 06, 1997

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