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i am at home using my dad's darkroom, and he has "Heico OS film developer" chemicals, which seem to behave differently than the ones i've used at school. there is a table on the back of the bottle with times listed for different dilutions, but doesn't say which dilutions are for which types of film. they also don't specify different times for different speeds of film. i am using t-max p3200, and can't remember from school how long i used to develope it for. can you help?


-- anne hays (, September 04, 1997


....with new developers that dont specify dev. times, you should do clip tests with a test roll of film to be safe. im not sure about this dev. but look on the bottle for the ratio's for mixing; ie; 2:1,5:1,8:1 ect...the ratio depends on what kind of results you want,,for example, 2:1 is going to give you a hot[dark],contrasty,grainer neg. 8:1 will give a sharper[less grain],flater neg. your development times increase the higher the ratio...its like cars,,you can drive em fast ,or you can drive em slow. with your film id do a 4:1 at around 14-16 min @70deg.. thats if you shot it at 3200? another info source is the film box. it should give dev.times w/d-76, a standard can use those #'s. the sure fire way to be safe is to inspect the film during dev. your green light must very low with this film[FILM FOG!] .negs too light,,dev. more,,too dark??? well youll know better next time. at least youll have pics...


-- drwood (, September 07, 1997.

Developing times

I have never heard of 'Heico' and I am willing to bet that not many people have. It's possible that it is for machine processing or is a specialty developer. I would just invest in the recommended developer for whatever film you are using. Something like D76 is really inexpensive.

-- Andy Laycock (, September 08, 1997.

I would have to agree..Buy some new developer ...The developer you mention does not sound familiar and is certainly not mentioned on the ilford recomended list ....It would be false economy to try and save a few cents when you have probably spent hours trying to capture the images ...D76 - id11 is a good start.....

-- matt (, November 22, 1999.

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