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I understand this drive thoroughly,I can make all adjustments electrically or visually looking at hoist motor....But have never been able to conquor the function of sp4 pot. ,I know it can control a rate of change going into full velocity and coming out of full velocity, but misadjustment will cause the car to overshoot or on the other end introduce bumps in leveling. I know this 1 out of 20 or more pots.is keeping me from tuning up my cars 100%.This pot is an obvious part of the s/curve for this drive and what I am wondering is can it be adjusted statically without an sciloscope....

-- Joe McLoone (JMclo30547), September 03, 1997


Rather late answer. You may wish to talk to Fernando Ortiz at Elevator Controls in Sacramento.

-- Vernon P. Keller (vpkeller@earthlink.net), February 08, 1998.

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