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There are few lyrics to wiggle wiggle: (chorus) 'Don't stop movin' baby, only booties drive me crazy' (Versus)Put your lips on my face, I love the way your kisses taste, Girl you know you are the one, Shake that thing and have some fun !! (verse 2) Girl you gotta get with this, and you gotta do it quick. (THERE IS A RUDE VERSION TO THIS BUT I WON'T GET INTO THAT NOW!!

OLE OLE: (chorus) I got to rock the party, I got to move your body, And make you gone and shake it, baby baby, don't you brake it, I got to be the best from the east to the west and nobody wanna showdown, Outhere bros.. about to throw down.. (Sorry thats all I know, I hope I helps.

-- paul (), September 02, 1997

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