We're gettin' hitched!

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Anyone remember who caught the wedding bouquet (Sp?) at Steve and Meredith's renewal of vows? (Which took place at Summer Soltesz) Well, I'll tell ya. It was my girlfriend.. Evanne. Last night I asked her to marry me. (she said yes) I bow to the power of the Soltesz flower.

-- Fred Price (faprice@earthlink.net), August 27, 1997


anyone got a churchkey for this beer?


Here's a toast!

Congrats to the happy couple!

-- Dale (dale.swanson@usa.net), August 28, 1997.

Congrats to Fred and Evanne

Wow! What great news! I can't believe she said "yes" (kidding). I'm really happyfor you guys. Even though I only just met you at Soltesz, I had a feeling you two would end up blissfully together.

I go on vacation for a week, and all sort of good things happen. I hope you two enjoy your engagement and upcoming (when?) marriage and new life together (God that sounds smaltzy).

Well, better go. Let me know if you're having a public gathering (i.e., party) celebrating the announcement.

Again congrats to the happy couple!

-- Pat Kelley (pkelley@rti.org), September 01, 1997.

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