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Looking for a source to purchase Tom Clark gnomes pieces which are near retirement to into retirement status. Please sent email with style of piece and cost to purchase the piece...

-- T.A.B. (, August 23, 1997


Retired T. Clark Gnomes for sale

We have a large number of gnomes we have collected over the past several years. These include items ranging from Moses to Ace of Spades with and without beard. We have all of the JC Penny pieces. We have several RARE and OLD pieces in good condition. We also have many low number editions of pieces (like number ones.) Please send us a general idea of what you are looking to buy and we will try to help you. Thanks


-- Brian Lehmann (, January 04, 1998.

My parents have A lot of knomes they have collected:Eddie(8), Jennie(15), Smiley(5), Indy(21), Railroad Conductor(41), Newspaper Boy(25), and many more. If you are still interested let me know and I Will get a list of all and some prices. Thanks,Connie Bowling Huntington Indiana

-- Connie Bowling (, July 06, 1998.

Davoll's General Store at

Visit Davoll's General Store at

-- Beverly M. Glennon (, October 06, 1998.

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