Turnbull elevators

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Upon posting herein the sole message I have received so far kindly reminded me of my mortality vis a vis rapidly decending ancient elevators . Thankyou . The problem is that this may happen without warning without my help . I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them . History , when manufatured , when went belly how to get them unsuspended safely . Any information would be gratefully received . Except that I may get myself killed . I've been told that already . 'Ta

-- Robin (pazzazz@bc.sympatico.ca), August 14, 1997


Please leave your foll name and SS# so we all can take an insurance policy out on you before we proceed.

-- anonymously answered, August 23, 1997

Decomissioned Elevator

You are not much of a capitalist Robin. Call an elevator company and sell them the elevator all they have to do is remove it. P.S. Listen to all those voices. they are trying to save your butt. Good luck!!!!

-- Fred Baltes (Elman101@aol.com), August 31, 1997.

Hey Robin just checking to see if your still in the picture and how you made out.

-- anonymously answered, September 29, 1997

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