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I noticed that there wasn't a thread on the BB about Mary's Kill Devil Hills post-Labor Day Trip, otherwise known as Maritime Mary. Scheduled for Sept. 18-21, I believe. Somebody make Mer get herself back on the net! Anyway, Tim and I are flying in to Norfolk on Thursday night and driving down from there. Just can't face that intimidating drive all the way from Atlanta. Who else is going?

-- Dawn (Swanson) Utecht (, August 14, 1997


MM online status?

So, any progress on digitizing Mary?

re: Kendra/Vera - at least get her to post here to defend herself and her existence.

-- Dale (, September 08, 1997.

Mammary Mary

I will be there. The elusive Kendra may even make an appearance! Be vigilant though, she moves quickly. I spoke to Mary last night about her conspicuous absence. She will be on as soon as she gets her butt in gear and buys the stuff I need to get on line from home.

-- Tommy (, August 14, 1997.

Virtual Girlfriend

We don't believe she exists, she must be friends with Mary's old roommate.

-- Steve & Jim (, September 06, 1997.

Virtually Offended

Oh yeah, well that's better than having a virtual WIFE !!! I haven't seen you with Meredith since the wedding! :-) BTW, I guess you'll have to wait a little longer to meet Kendra after all. She will not be at the MM. I will, however bring pictures. To the best of my knowledge there is no connection between Kendra and Mary's former Virtual (also known as "the Subliminal")Roommate.

-- Tommy (, September 15, 1997.

Hey, Tommy!

Bring your awesome 3-step-reclining beach chair to Mary's and I'll make you a deal!!

-- Joanne (, September 16, 1997.

I've seen her!!

I've seen her!! She LIVES!! Actually both Kendra and Meredith. Although you have to keep your eyes open 'cause they'll slip away real fast. An interesting note on these mysterious creatures -- Meredith can make a great breakfast although she refuses to put Worchestershire sauce in the eggs. Anyone else like W-sauce in their eggs? I can't say if Kendra cooks a good meal, this shy (noctural?) mammal moves to quickly to study her eating habits. There are rummors among anthropologists that she will not eat anything that once had plasma particles running through its veins (or shell). Kinda strange since she allegedly makes meals with Captain Carnivore, Tommy Joseph.

-- The last whirlie (, September 16, 1997.

Virtual Kristi...

Say no more, say no more, squire! ;-)

-- Virtual Albatross Person (, September 16, 1997.

Online Mary

Mary is back online, at work. She is never home anymore, so I can't set her up there. She is always busy jetting off to see her boy toy. Her e-mail address is "".

-- Tommy (, September 08, 1997.

Mammary Mary

I plan to be there. Even thought most times Mary makes the date be one that I can't make, this year looks good so far. Has anyone checked to see of our Ska Band will be at the Port O'Call?

-- John Studders (, August 21, 1997.

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