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In the building that I rent there is a boarded up Turnbull freight elevator that the landlord has asked me to try to bring to the ground . It's a three storey one and the counterweights and cabin are together about 4 m off the ground .I went to the top and with a pipe wrench tryed to lower it . That worked for about a meter and the the bottom brakes came on. I jammed them out but still no dice . I wonder what a same way to get this eleectrical elevator cabin to the ground without electricity and then the counter weights too . Ideas?

-- Robin Boyd (pazzazz@bc.sympatico.ca), August 13, 1997


I suggest if you don't know what you are doing leave it the hell alone before you get killed.

-- (****), August 14, 1997.

Call a elevator company

-- anonymously answered, August 21, 1997

Hi ! I would say both the answers I read here were right If you want something done with it, call an Elevator Company, then you can be assured it will be done right. It sounds like the way you are talking, you could very well get killed. Leave it alone. Good Luck. Ex Turnbull Elevator Co. Ltd. (Of Canada) Employee.

-- W. Herm Parker (ElevatorButto2@hotmail.com), January 24, 1999.

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