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Once again, Black Mountain comes as a Floyd orgininal venture. His synopsis of the event appears on page one of the 1993 Occasional Planet (I actually found a copy last week). Of the group though, I may have been the first Black Mountaineer, but cannot claim that I connected this event to anyone else. I first attended Black Mountain back in May '92, before Floyd first went in Oct '92. At that time, I had met only some of yall at Max's ('91?), and you were all still a mix of fuzzy faces around an out of control bonfire. (In fact, my May '92 Black Mountain adventure was before that fateful day I would respond to an early '93 summer Floyd invitation with, "Summer WHAT?!"). I went to May '92 Black Mountain with Rob Dickerson, whom some of you will remember ("Ariba! Ariba!"). Rob lies on the outskirts of the Floyd Nebula, and though can be traced through me, he could be drawn with a straight line (like me) to Floyd's three year imprisonment in Winston-Salem. I think Floyd went to Black Mountain in Oct '92 on his own information, and as far as getting others to go, he was the first to tell Grimsley etc people about it (ie. his frontpage piece in OP). One of those was Jim "What water damage? I don't see any water damage" Graves. But, because Floyd is such a shy recluse (ha ha), and Jim Graves so desperately wanted live out that "I the Sarge" army life he avoided by skirting military service, it was Jim "Everyone shut up and listen to me!" Graves who is often credited with discovering Black Mountain. He does deserve full credit for adding Black Mountain as a regular stop (two stops actually) on each year's Tour de Albatross. Jim "Will ya'll watch Nutmeg?" Graves has done a wonderful job each year collecting money for tickets, staking out the best camping spot, having the biggest and lonliest tent, the freshest spice cabinet, etc. But, just as all tree trunks are round, Black Mountain originates with Floyd. Everything originates with Floyd. Am I the only one getting scared here?

-- andrew branan (, August 13, 1997


Here! Here!


As usual you so eloquently stated the truth. Must be all those years of Law School paid off, or was it working for that magazine. Anyway.

Floyd is the originator of the Black Mountain Trend. I remember him asking me to a couple of them before I would fork over the $65 for such a good time.

Was it worth that guitar that was crushed when "someone" sat on my tent? HELL YEAH! Especially running from Floyd pretending to purge his bladder on someone's tent with his beer!

-- anonymously answered, August 15, 1997

recycled beer

Floyd wasn't pretending. That was his cover story when the "pissed on" got angry!

-- Tommy (, August 16, 1997.

Black Mountain

Well, it appears Andrew has a little free time on his hands these days! When does the next chapter come out, Andrew? I don't understand the water damage comment though. Anyway, ignore my other posting, Andrew is right, it was Spring '93 ans sorry A. I forgot you! I really have to thank THE FLOYD for turning me on to it! And as always, I will find the best camping spot, will have the biggest tent, and of course the freshest spice cabinet. And remember Andrew, it's best not to bite the hand that spices you! I need money by October 1!

-- anonymously answered, September 06, 1997

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