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-- admin (, August 11, 1997



c'mon dawn, he's a lawyer, he's had special paranoia training

not just liability

I think Floyd may be right; you put all of the pieces and people together and you never know what may come creeping out of the murky soup.

-- name withheld (ha!) (, August 11, 1997.


you are hereby notified to cease and desist or else I'll make you drink Milwaukee's Best. See you even made me get on the Web. Ya'll are starting all kinds of nonsense. Think about what farreaching effects this BB could have.could

-- (, August 11, 1997.

far-reaching effects?

My puny mind cannot grasp your complex mondo-freudian drift. What do you think is going to happen? What are you afraid we'll find out, Floyd? That the Chernobyl accident was really your fault?!

-- (, August 11, 1997.

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