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Click on POST REPLY TO THIS ONE if you met Floyd directly through some association in Greensboro (e.g., public schools, Boy Scouts, swim team, just around).

If you were introduced to Floyd, find that person's name in the list before posting.


-- admin (, August 11, 1997



Was with Dawn (see her entry above) the first time we met Floyd (& siblings, Jen & David) shortly after the move from CA to NC.

-- Dale Swanson (, August 11, 1997.


I met Richard the summer of 1973 or 74 at Friendly Pool where we swam on the same team. The well known "Friendly Frogs."

-- Tommy Joseph (, August 11, 1997.


I met Floyd in August 1980. He and his siblings (Jennifer-Heifer and David) were the first human beings we met upon moving from CA to NC. Our fathers were co-workers at UNC-G. The rest is history!

-- Dawn (Swanson) Utecht (, August 11, 1997.


It was a dark and stormy night... and it's not fair to say that Floyd is responsible for all my current problems, but then again, better to blame it on him than anyone else. In fact, I don't even remember when we met, but that's probably because there must have been alcohol involved.

-- Tim Wood (, August 14, 1997.


I met Floyd at the swimmer's cottage, Myrtle Beach '82. Somebody probably introduced me to him, but I don't remember. I don't think anybody remembers much of anything that night.

-- Dave Jones (, August 19, 1997.


My brother saved me from the Serteens, an arch rival to the Civitans. Through Dave and Charlie Roberson (where the hell is he?), I met Floyd. I'm sure it was at one of his parties. And I'm sure that Todd Tanner must have been wearing parachute pants.

-- Ken Jones (, September 14, 1997.


Unless our parents post their entries, I'll probably be the earliest link to Floyd. We must have met on the day I came home from the hospital. Ask Floyd about how he used to blame the wood pulp factory (near our first home in Seattle) on me -- "baby make dirty?"! Or the time he kicked me out of the car on an early, cold, winter morning in high school. Don't worry -- I disowned him for a few weeks. Boy, did that show him a thing or two! Seriously, Floydee -- you're one of the best people a person could have for a brother. I love you.

-- Jennifer Wells Martineau (, August 21, 1997.


Mary says that she and Jennifer were in Brownies together, and that would have been her earliest connection to the Floyd-centric universe. (diligently posted with permission from the off-line Mary Cahoon)

-- Mary Cahoon (, August 21, 1997.


Jennifer was in my brownie troop(my mom was the leader). Maybe it was girl scouts.

Anyway, I'll say that was 1973 or so. But it was years later in 10th grade Algebra I actually "met" him (1981) to know who he was. He was one of those swimmer guys and I was new to public school and the crowd that had known each other since kindergarten.

I started going to Floyd's parties with probably Laura Howard in 11th grade (1982). YADA-YADA-YADA.

-- Carol Hartsog (, August 25, 1997.


Swim team stuff around Greensboro

[note that this has been edited by the bboard admin per incomplete instructions from Bill. Bill, if you'd like this to be changed again, just post a new message under Greensboro (again) and then let me know so I can delete this message.]

-- Bill Curlee (, August 21, 1997.


Bill and I lived across the hall @ UNCG in 1986. I transfered to NCSU and never really saw him except for at "5-O" after we both graduated. Later in 1992, he walked through my front door with Merideth, who was going out with my roommate, Tom Mills. Bill and I started Mountain Biking and guess who his roommate was at the time. Dat's right! Since then he has talked me into many fun endevours like Black Mountain, and a waterfall up at Wilson Creek. Floyd! When are we going to Alaska?

-- F.R. Tye Jones III (, August 27, 1997.


I met Floyd some time in the sixth grade. I don't remember exactly when, too much alcohol and other mind altering substances used since then. Recent scientific research linking memory and and adrinaline will explane why my earliest clear memory of Floyd is when we ganged up on the school bully, another Richard as it turns out. Richard(Not Floyd) if your out there w'ere sorry about that but you were pretty mean back then, I understand that you're a pretty nice guy now.

-- Frank Armstrong (, September 03, 1997.


I met floyd at Kiser in science class. It must have been around 1975-76. We were the goof-offs in the back of the room or at least I was. He found me entertaining anyway. (I could have been someone if this meeting had not occured) This was prior to floyd being knigheted as "floyd". I knew him as Richard for a brief time. He got the name Floyd because he looked like Floyd the barber on the Andy Griffith show and the name has withstood the test of time.

-- Mitch Lutz (, September 04, 1997.


I first met Richard at one of the infamous parties that his parents often threw! It was the fall of '82, before the much misunderstood beach trip of '83. I actually crashed the party with Bruce Harkins and Mark Hudzik. So I am really just a hangeron! Richard over the 15 years I've known him has been by best and my worst friend.(Remember Ocober 3, 1986?) No matter what though, he will always be!

-- anonymously answered, September 08, 1997

I met Floyd at Kiser. I was James then. He was Richard. That was before I discovered beer.

-- Jim (aka James) (, October 22, 1997.

* !

-- (, November 06, 2002.

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