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out of curiosity(sp?) is green day the only thing people talk about here?

-- dave (, July 30, 1997




to answer yer question...well...yeah i guess??? but this iz the green day & pinhead gunpowder what r we suppsosed to talk about???? ah well...



-- (brat( (...), July 30, 1997.


when i came on to this site i was under the impression (from the name of the site) that this was about punx uniting and that there would be alot of political shit on it and different DIY bands and links maybe thats what set me off that it's not about that

-- anonymously answered, July 31, 1997


No. they're not the ONLY thing people talk about here, but we DO talk about 'em alot!

-- Zippy Zythos (, July 30, 1997.

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