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I need some suggestions for marketing a new elevator company.

-- G Culolias (), July 29, 1997


best way to market a new elevator company

I presume you are starting a service company, here are some ideas:

1. Paint trucks an outrageous color with phone and fax #'s in large type. Orange & Blue is best. 2. Use printed contract forms with 3 pages, list all coverages on page one, price on page three, on page two list all exclusions (no one reads anything but coverage & price. 3. Use color in letterheads, envelopes & invoices. Have them designed & printed at a high quality local printer. 4. If you operate in a small geographic area offer the following: "we will answer any bona-fide shutdown within 2 hours, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year or we will refund you a full months maintenance charge" I did it for many years and never gave a single refund (I did miss a few calls). 5. Make sure everyone wears a uniform (yes even you if you work in the field) use same colors for uniforms as on trucks & letterheads. 6. Do not take any elevator on service that you do not have the technical expertise to handle. Check availability of spare parts with Certified (1-800-221-9553) or Adams. Get a Certified and Adams catalog for each field mechanic and let them tell you what to order, it reduces confusion and cost. Call me at the above number or E-mail me if you want to discuss anything. Elevators, parts and the business always enthusiastically discussed. Best of luck, its tough but rewarding

-- patrick a. carrajat (, July 30, 1997.

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