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gwen sorry i couldn't meet you in the chat room on sunday i think it would have been a rad session, and i didn't have an e-mail adress at the time i wrote my message so now you can mail me your rantings and ravings. next to zippy get bent you wouldn't know underground if it bit you on the ass.ahh last but not least brat.first an apollogy to you for singling you out of a crowd. but the fact is rancid and green day and most of the bands on this website are sellouts. SHIT green day played with my freind's band back in the late 80's they have at one time been concidered punx. now to rancid. they played through about 4-5 years ago and when they were here lars took a record from my friend saying that he was "taking it in good faith" and that "he would get it back" 4 years and he still has it. my problem is that i'm sick of all these bands coming along and destroying what it took 20 years to build, another counter culture. these bands out there that claim to be punk are contradicting all the ideals the punx put togther and we are sick of it! i'm sick of writing e-mail me if you want to know more about what i'm talking about. UP THE FUCKING PUNX!!!!!!! SMASH THE FUCKING SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

-- dave (, July 28, 1997



hello dave!!!

ok, i understand what u mean by everything u said...and i'm sooooooooooooooooo sorry fer calling u all those names and stuff..u really pissed me off! but i kinda understand what u plz take my appologies. and yeah, too bad u couldn't come and chat with me and avert yesterday! we had a blast!!! :) hehe!! so i hope u fergive me??! =)



-- (brat( (...), July 28, 1997.


hey, dave? Why do U come here if U hate Green Day so much? Just what do U think R underground labels? Dill? AsianMan? New Red Archives? Lookout!? All these R underground...... Or iz it that, if a band haz a label at all, they're not underground? look, I like PUNK RAWK. if Op.I.V. or Less Than Jake aren't punk, I guess I like punk-SKA(I know I do anyway). punk, punk-ska, ska-punk, ska, jazz-ska....... it's all good! And why do we care about your friend and hiz record that Lars borrowed? ....I'd like 2 meet U in the chatroom sometime. Not 2 rant and rave, but 2 I'm sorry 2.......okay?

-- Zippy Zythos (, July 28, 1997.

Opinions Opinions Opinions

NO ONE IS RIGHT NO ONE IS WRONG!!!! Evryone has ther own opinions and we are just going to have to live with that! As we all enter this so-called "Real World" Differences are going to face us alot more and we are just gonna have to except it. Well thats all. To everyone have a nice life!

-- chris (, July 29, 1997.

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