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I am a shareholder in an elevator company on the East Coast. We are an independent company, union, mid size and compete with the big boys. We install a lot of MCE and Futura. I am interested in hearing from IUEC members in a honest and serious forum on how to make a company better for them and for the company. What do your companies do right or wrong. What would you change. What would you keep the same. To keep everyone happy may be impossible but we have to make the pie bigger for both sides of the contract. That involves our customers, the ones who really pay us, the company just handles the money. Please guys, be serious, and give me some feedback.

-- Anonymous (), July 23, 1997



I did'nt think things were that bad at AET ???

-- (, August 30, 1997.

I do not know who AET is but it is not me. I am serious about making it better for all, but I need input from others to help me do it.

-- Anonymous (Anonymous), September 10, 1997.

Making it much better.

Anon, there are only 2 things I have ever seen work in our industry. One is money. Consider the negotiated rate a floor and work from there. If you have good mechanics who do reasonably good housekeeping and can handle 95% of thier trouble calls with the right fix and have outstanding relations with their customers I would say A bonus is in order. Say $500.00 a month. Now there are several ways of looking at this idea. The most effective is that you want the employee to have that bonus and if you have a problem in an area it is a good incentive for the person to improve and a reasonable way to have a dialouge. Most good mechanics change jobs to get more money, as you well know. The second is GRACE. If it flows down from the top, it will flow back up from the bottem. Everyone benefits. Profit is spelled two ways.

By the way Anon, you must be the most prolific writer in world.

Best wishes Elman101

-- Fred Baltes (, September 18, 1997.

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