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Ok, I have the explicit Outhere bros full length CD. I know there is a clean version. My question is, does the clean version have different songs on it? Changed words? What is changed? Also, for anyone who may have a maxi single of "DOn't Stop- Wiggle Wiggle" how many tracks are on it? I heard a great version of it in the Twin Cities the other day and I was wondering where I could get it. Actually, it was in an OHB megamix kinda thing. Is there a mega mix? It had Don't Stop, Boom Boom Boom, If you wanna party, and La la la hey hey all on it.

Well any info is appreciated- thanks much! -Eazy

-- Eazy SCT (, July 17, 1997


Outhere Brothers Information

The clean version of the Outhere Brothers CD has the same songs and the explicit version. The lyrics are changed slightly to make them acceptable to all audiences for instance "radio" The maxi-single we believe has 4 tracks on it. What you may have heard is the version on the Jock Jams CD which aureus licensed to Tommy Boy Records. The record is big and that is a good guess as to what you heard.

-- Webmaster (, July 29, 1997.

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