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Post a reply to this message to let us know if you can come to Winston-Salem. If anyone besides Mary is coming I'll post a map to our house. Or you can just go to Yahoo! or MapQuest to make your map. Our address is:

108 East Devonshire Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27127-3035

Will really wants to see as many of his old friends and buddies before heading down to Columbia, SC and then back to Eugene, OR.

-- Dale (, July 16, 1997


Report on the little get together

A fine time was had by all!

Thanks to all who were able to come. With such limited time for visiting with the old gang I know Will appreciate everyone's effort.

On their way from Wrightsville to Winston-Salem, Will & Isa were able to stop for lunch in RTP with newlyweds Steve & Meredith.

Arriving later Friday evening for wings and fish on the grill were: Will & Isa, Dale & Carol, Max, Tommy, Mary C., Heidi Chamberlain, & Thomas Ford. A few of us even strolled down to Stephanie Ingram & Chris Edwards home nearby for a late evening chat.

Pleasant but uneventful by usual Albatross standards.

Thanks for the visit Will & Isa. Looking forward to your next visit!

Dale & Carol

-- Dale (, July 22, 1997.

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