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Can it be possible? Do I see a link to the evil Merchants of Death (RJR) on Albatross? Say it ain't so! Why no links to a crack site, or some other equally addictive killer?

-- OUTRAGED (, July 11, 1997


hee hee hee . . .

our evil tenticles are everywhere!

-- MoD Squad (, July 11, 1997.

tickly tentacles

Actually, the globe doesn't appear to include anything BUT the Western Hemisphere. Just note: I did NOT contruct the animated gif. I think whoever did was just conserving frames and figured no one would notice the 10 missing frames required for the rest of the world.

Or I guess you can just come up with your own little conspiracy theory about us big nasty tobacco people.

-- MoD squad? (, July 18, 1997.

evil tenticles

If you look at the little RJR applet very carefully, you will see that the evil tenticles are really only around North and South America. You guys seem to have left off all of Europe and Asia. A most unique perspective on the world.

-- Tommy Joseph (, July 13, 1997.

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