Looking for "dirty" version of Boom Boom Boom

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Does anyone know where I can find a copy (on CD) of the Outhere Brothers' dirty version of "Boom Boom Boom"? I have searched everywhere and have only been able to locate the clean version. I have the dirty version on a mix tape, but would like to purchase the CD. Thanks.

-- Robert Putney (SpamPutney@Juno.Com), July 09, 1997


Outhere Brothers Adult Version of Boom Boom Boom

Let me know what city you are in and I will try to direct you to a store.

-- Aureus Webmaster (mba@masscot.com), July 11, 1997.

hellp me i too am lookin for the version!

im still looking for the dirty version of that song, my friend has the single of it, he said he got it at a&b sound or hmv, but ive checked there, and they dont have it, i even tried special ordering it in at hmv and they still cant even get it!! so if you find it please let me know!! thanks

-- chrissy medina (krayzy@hotmail.com), March 10, 1998.

boom boom boom--outhere brothers lyrics

does anyone have the lyrics to the x version of the song boom boom boom by the outhere brothers?

thanks sam

-- sam (sllong@astro.temple.edu), November 20, 2000.

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