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Anybody know if contract talks are getting any closer to being resolved?

-- Tom Boehle (, July 06, 1997


I recieved a letter from our local stating that all employees working for Fuji-Tec, General, Millar, Montgomery, Otis and Schindler are to return all company tools and vehicles before the end of the work day on Tuesday July 8, 1997.

-- Randy Fortwengler (, July 07, 1997.

july 8 9:30 pm just got a call from local 36 pres. wanting otis guys to call the hall bten 6 & 8 am to see if we have to go to work. negotiations on going at this time

-- john avery (, July 08, 1997.

just got off the phone with the b.a. from local 34 at 9:50 p.m. he's still sitting by the phone waiting for a call either way.


hope all the brothers are prepared!

-- tom boehle (, July 08, 1997.

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