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I got it in the mail on returning from SS97. Anyone else going? Based on past experience I'm thinking of bagging it with the possible exception of the football game and the picnic. THOUGHTS?

-- dale (, June 30, 1997


10 yr was lame

You'd think Beth Sykes and the others "coordinating" the reunion would have learned their lesson. Then again, perhaps the reunion company has learned a few lessons of their own and is doing a better job. BTW, has anyone checked out the new Grimsley site at Looks like someone in the alumni assoc. has sold our collective soul to that reunion company.

-- dale (, July 03, 1997.

Grimsley-Page Game

When exactly IS that game? September?

-- Dale (, August 12, 1997.

Nope - Friday, October 17

According to the Football Schedule at the Page Grimsley game is on Friday, October 17

Do a "Post Reply to this One" to let everyone know your intentions. I'll try (if I can ever get back to update the Albatross site) to post more info on the Albatross/Trailerpark site.

-- Grimsley Guy (, September 18, 1997.


Actually, I'm no longer certain that Floyd's going to be at home. Understand he may be off floating on some river and the going straight up to Black Mountain.

Anyone got the straight dope.

ps, due to my biz travel Saturday morning I'm going to have to send Carol in my stead. Someone please chime in with better meeting plans! I can't ever get Floyd to answer my calls!

-- Dale (, October 14, 1997.

15 yr reunion--10 yr was lame!

I thought the 10 yr reunion was real lame. Of course I had just broken my leg and was on some pretty good pain killers... I would be interested in the game Think Grimsley will ever beat Page again??

-- John Studders (, July 01, 1997.

Grimsley beat Page?

What are you thinking? Of course not. NC State might lose to UNC-Chapel Hill, but Page will never lose to Whirlies!

-- Joanne (, July 17, 1997.

Don't you EVER compare Page to NCSU! Page is a UNC kinda place! I personally have witnessed Grimsley beating page, and it is a lovely site!

-- john studders (, July 17, 1997.

Grimsley & Carolina-obviously similar

I, as usual, strongly disagree with Studders here. Grimsley is to Carolina as Page is to State.

In addition to the obvious similarities of State & Page both favoring ugly red instead of superior & more regal shades of blue and both Page & State (occassionaly) being one sport campuses while Grimsley wins the Wachovia cup and Carolina wins championships in many varied sports ...there is the true core difference of superior academics and history with Carolina and Grimsley dwarfing the young upstarts with their ugly, modern campuses.

-- max (, August 27, 1997.

Max's flawed logic

I must come to John's defense here. Max's logic is clearly flawed. But then, looking only at the surface is a typical error made by those of the baby-blue persuasion. You see, while outward appearances may support the Page/State comparison (colors, building style, and sports), John has hit on the essential issue. The essential issue is the type of students attending each of these institutions. When one thinks of the middle-class, intelligent yet down-to-earth student who mixes well with all levels of the socio-economic ladder, one thinks of the Grimsley or State student. When one thinks of the above-his-company, superficial, sheltered student out of touch with the common man, one thinks of the Page or Carolina student. Of course these are stereotypes, to which there are always exceptions. But let us not forget that stereotypes do not come into being by accident, but because some significant percentage of people fit the profile enough to start the generalization in the first place.

-- Dawn (, September 15, 1997.

I'm tired ot this

Are you saying I'm an "above-his-company, superficial, sheltered student out of touch with the common man"? There were people like this at both schools, as well as at both colleges under debate here (State and UNC). I didn't think I was one of them, nor is Gina.

-- Page alumna (, September 16, 1997.

on the nature of generalizations...

NO! I'm not saying that you or Gina are like that... With tongue firmly in cheek, and with every intention of getting under Max's skin, I'm saying "Of course these are stereotypes, to which there are always many exceptions. But let us not forget that stereotypes do not come into being by accident, but because some significant percentage of people fit the profile enough to start the generalization in the first place."

-- ignorant redneck from NCSU (, September 16, 1997.

Go Dawn!

Here here! Eloquently spoken! (or typed as the case may be)

-- Tommy (, October 20, 1997. Dawn is now comparing State with Smith or maybe West Forsyth?

-- max (, October 13, 1997.

smith, west forsyth, huh?

Nah, State's more like a glorified GTCC with high school equivalencies for all!

-- Dale (dale.swanson), October 14, 1997.

'82 reunion

I agree, on Friday...let's go to the football game...root like crazy...hope for a miracle (except for Gina and JoAnn...who let them in the door)...and make our own reunion on Saturday nite. Maybe College Hill or the Rhino or maybe Ken can lead us to some new hip place.

-- Max (, August 11, 1997.

John says Oct. 16

though that's a Thursday....

-- Page girl (, September 16, 1997.

THE Game

Ya'll should know that the 17th is the start of Black Mountain. However, I was thinking about sticking in GBO and inviting all the good people (Ken, John, Max, etc.) over for a beer at my place before the game. I live within crawling distance of the game. We could go back to my place for refreshement at half-time. I suppose we should invite a few of the evil-people (Joanne, Gina, etc.) -- if only to heckle.

-- Richard (, September 23, 1997.

The Game

Ok, what's the plan. Everybody has to work on Friday and has to be somewhere else on Saturday.

So, we just meet at Jamison stadium on Friday nite at 7:15 for a 7:30 kick-off? Then trash Floyd's house (payback is hell) after the game?

Who got the plan?

-- max (, October 13, 1997.

meet where?

Tht was the good thing about meeting at Floyd's, not to mention easy parking and walking to the game and back. W/ all your reunionites in town, do you think you'll want to go somewhere after the game?

-- Joanne (, October 13, 1997.

Who knows where Floyd's key is?

Does this matter? Who know's where his key is?

>>Actually, I'm no longer certain that Floyd's >>going to be at home.

-- Max (, October 14, 1997.

Who's going? Meet where?

Why don't one of you Grimsley people who wants to see your team slaughtered pick a locale near your institution to meet beforehand? Or College Hill, which we can all find....

-- Page girl (, October 14, 1997.

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