Who knows aboud this type of elevator?

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Hi there

I am looking for information about a special type of elevator, who knows aboud it, who makes it?

I consists of a cage enclosed between 3 or more verical racks (vertical shafts with teeth) in top of the cage (or under the bottom) is a sort of screw (one, its axis aligned with the vertical middle of the cage with a large diameter, its thread between the teeth of the vertical racks.

Rotating the screw makes the cage go up or down. The pins on the racks have each a ball bearing.

No need for safety breaks, counterweights and so on

I can Email a basic drawing if someone asks for it.

I wonder in anyone know about it ?? Thanks Peter

-- Peter van Nieuwland (P.M.vanNieuwland@research.kpn.com), June 25, 1997


Your elevator

The only thing that comes to mind is some sort of outside hoist used in construction for transporting the crews up the side of the building before the permanent elevators are installed. It must be very slow speed if what I am understanding this thing uses some sort of rack and pinion drive. If you would send me the drawing you mention and I will take a closer look at it.

-- Rolland Harrison (rockyh@phoenix.net), June 26, 1997.

Response to who kows aboud this type of elevator

You can find out more about this type of unit by looking at the code requirements in A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators that is published by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is a Screw Column Elevator and is covered by part XVIII.

Jim O'Boyle, CSP, PE Elevator Safety Consultant

-- oboyle@ix.netcom.com (Jim O'Boyle, CSP, PE), June 28, 1997.

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