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I'm getting tired of hounding youse guys to get on PlanetAll. What are you scared of?

-- albatross webMASTER (, June 23, 1997


What's So Great About PlanetAll??????

Nothing in particular so far. A few nice features, but the service is less than a year old and appears to still be in flux design and feature-wise.

The BIGGEST reason to join is that the more people who join, the more useful it is for EVERYONE. There are also lots of special interest 'affinity groups' for connecting with old classmates, family, colleagues, etc. A few even have group administrators as active as me. So far PlanetAll hasn't been a blast, but if you guys would join it might become one! And besides, if you join, then I won't have to spend so much time manually administering the Albatross Email Page. Join NOW!

-- Albatross Web Slave (, July 17, 1997.

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