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All this reminiscing is making me feel very Big Chill, which of course is most distressing.

I can usually fight off the urge to dig through the dusty box of tapes. This time, though, I may not fight it. Man, I had some great tapes I made from Dale and Floyd's records... and then later from ZMB's.

It would be pretty cool if someone could recreate some of the better tapes people had. Pressure Boys are getting harder and harder to find.

K-Tel presents... Albatross Rocks! The songs you thought you were too wasted to remember. Remember the good times, not the Oodles of Noodles meals. So-called "retro" radio may have Tainted Love in heavy rotation but they're not gonna touch TDTF or Mesopotamia.

And if you start to turn a whiter shade of pale, just repeat your mantra: I'm too young to be a baby boomer, I'm too young to be a baby boomer...

-- Luckless Pedestrian (, June 23, 1997


RE: Music

I hadn't thought about it until you brought it up - all of this reminicing (sp?) IS rather pitiful. Not that I'm going to stop or anything. Hey, I'll post the Offspring page today. That's a little more 'here-and-now.'

-- daddy-man (, June 24, 1997.

Reminscent Radio

If you can pick up FM 106.5 (The End) from Charlotte, listen on Sunday mornings for a show by some guy who calls himself 'the Wizard'. Much of the stuff he plays is pretty sorry (mostly top 40 from the 80's) but he does have a good collection of B-52's, REM, Devo, and some more obscure stuff.

Despite many calls from me, he has yet to get any 'X' on his show.

Better than nothing, though.

click on the "reply to this message" link above to post good radio stations and shows in your area so we know where to tune when we're on the road!

-- daddy-man (, July 07, 1997.

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