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yeah . . . right

just post something and see what happens

-- Dale (dale.swanson@usa.net), June 19, 1997


TIPS on POSTING to lusenet boards

Here are a few tips for making you're posts more readable:

You're messages will display as ONE LONG PARAGRAPH - even if you hit the return bar on your keyboard and it looks like you're getting the carraige returns in the 'message' field.

What you need to do is use some very basic HTML code to break up those long messages. Here are a few simple things you can insert into your posts to make them more attractive:

I'll try to add more tips as I think of it.


-- Dale (dale.swanson@usa.net), August 15, 1997.

Permanent Move Planned - This Forum to be Phased OUT!! (please read)

OK folks - it appears that our free ride on this system is about to be dropped. If you've posted anything here lately you may have noticed that Mr. Greenspun (our generous host) has acknowledged that the original system is coming under greater strain than it was initially designed to handle.

Please take a moment over the next month or so to sign on with the new occasional planet over on the CommunityWare system. I will make an effort in the coming weeks and months to copy everything from this site to the new one.

Here's a link to the new site

As I get stuff copied off this site and archived on the new site I'll delete it from here in order to lessen the strain on Mr. Greenspun's Lusenet system here. Here's hoping other groups can find this system as useful as we did.

Looking forward to our future and sending thanks to Phil for his generosity and ingenuity!

Dale Swanson
System Administrator of the Albatross Clan's occasional planet online conferencing network

-- Dale (the Albatross Web-Slave) (dale.swanson@usa.net), December 15, 1997.

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