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Whe wonders whether The Moorish "Travellers" speak in a secret language. Maybe a "Natursprache", a sensual language. OK...let me rip off some quotes: "...the thought that the history of the universe-- and in it our lives and the most tenuous detail of our lives-- has an incalculable, symbolic value, is a reasonable step. Many have taken that step... ...there is a similar hypothesis: that the outer world-- forms, temperatures, the moon-- is a language we humans have forgotten or which we can scarcely distinguish..." ...The sixth is from 1912. It is from the pages of L'Ame de Napoleon, a book whose purpose is to decipher the symbol Napoleon, considered as the precursor of another hero-- man and symbol as well-- who is hidden in the future. It is sufficient for me to cite two passages. One: "every man is on earth to symbolize something he is ignorant of and to realize a particle or a mountain of the invisible materials that will serve to build the city of..." Yada yada yada... The other: "There is no human being on earth capable of declaring with certitude who he is..." - various people quoted in Borges "Labyrinths "

Does anyone else see a meaningful connection between the Incunabula related "GFP" and the short story by Borge, "The Garden Of Forking Paths"?

-- Fahrud (, June 17, 1997

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