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Hi everyone. I'm studying architecture at RMIT in Australia, doing a Technology subject involving lift systems. I was just wondering if anyone out there was nice enough to help me out with a couple of questions I have to answer for the project... They probably seem very simple to you guys, but I'm ignorant in the world of elevators. The First question is: Describe all the safety features that are contained in a modern lift system. And the second (which I have no idea about) is: For a 40 storey office building with 1200 square meters rentable office floor space each level, calculate the number of lifts needed. Describe the level of performance provided by your design.... So if anyone out there has a couple of spare minutes, could they maybe email me with a couple of suggestions?? Thanks! Amanda. PS. I dont call it cheating, I call it "creative research technique"

-- Amanda Warmuth (, June 01, 1997


DEAR A.Warmuth submit you q. to my ID. to your ans. tanx.

-- Tony Smith (, September 29, 2003.

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